• Assistenza e consulenza legale professionale

  • "Il nostro modus operandi pone al centro l’interesse e la tutela dell’assistito"

  • "Operiamo con professionalità in Italia e all'Estero"

The Law Firm

The Law Firm Fortini provides its customers with a highly professional service, which always looks for real solutions in an accurate and timely manner . Our modus operandi focuses on the interest and protection of the assisted, to meet every need , providing advice in accordance with the highest standards of efficiency.

Our mission

The customer can rely on OUR professionalism and experience in certain areas of law, on mutual trust and on the certainty of having the support of a legal assistant, who is attentive to detail present in all phases of operations.

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The firm assists primarily banks , financial institutions , transport companies and construction . Clients of the firm are represented by companies and national and multinational groups , Italian and foreign institutions , public bodies and private individuals . In addition to Italian , the firm is able to provide its services in English, French , Russian, Portuguese and Spanish .

The activity of law

  • Banking law, financial and insurance
  • insurance law, fusion and acquisitions
  • labor law and industrial relations
  • Corporate governance e compliance Societary

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