Attività Studio Legale Fortini Activities


The Law firm Fortini has matured proven experience in different fields of activity, including:


Family company

Legitimacy / children natuali recognition , awards / disclaimers of paternity , consensual and legal separations , divorces.

Offers and trades

Exchanges , contracts , regulation of condominiums and neighborly relations , problems of urban growth.

Bonds and contracts

Closing contracts , transfers , typical contracts , atypical contracts , contract bartering and international trade agreements , contracts of entertainment and fashion , leases , consulting and negotiation artwork .


Give moral – existential – organic , extra- contractual damage.

Company law

Company formation and corporate compliance , mergers, arbitration clauses , corporate process , cooperatives , non-profits, analysis and drafting budgets , two dilingence acquisition or sale of blocks of shares.

Labor law

Management of the events pertaining to the employment relationship , the employment contract of indefinite duration, full-time or part-time , fixed-term contract of employment , problems regarding the protection of pregnancy and motherhood , discrimination , harassment , demotion and deskilling professional issues concerning the non-competition agreement , and diseases of the contract of employment in general , project contracts , agency contracts , industrial accidents, occupational diseases , disability and related welfare benefits , social security law (pensions ) .

Industrial law

Patents, trademarks.

Tax law

Consulting and tax compliance.

Bankruptcy law

Agreed, revocation, receiverships.


Wills, arbitration clauses in wills, inheritances, bequests, related business, complaint of succession .


Donations, donations direct and indirect.


Assistence for sponsorship contracts, contracts between sports clubs and professionals, manager, coaches, transfer contracts, agreements between athletes and sports agents.